Issue 319 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 319 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 319 February 17th, 2024

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US Senators introduce Amateur Radio Emergency Preparedness Act
Legislation would prohibit HOA rules that prevent or ban Amateur Radio antennas.
Senator Roger Wicker
Skeptics question disappearance of Alabama radio tower
Commenters speculated that WJLX had failed to maintain its AM site over time.
A venture into the world of Meshtastic
An Open Source, off-grid, decentralised mesh network built to run on affordable, low-power devices.
Nominate your favorite Open Source software for the Amateur Radio Software Award
Promoting software projects that enhance and adhere to the spirit of Amateur Radio.
Amateur Radio Software Award
Photos from Hamcation 2024
Mike (VE3MKX) shares photos from Hamcation 2024.
SWLing Post
Homebrew SBITX Receiver
Ground bounce, hallucinations, and wisdom.
2023 Great Shakeout after action report
Highlighting the utility of the Winlink system for emergency management.
A most unusual vertical antenna for 20m
One way to eliminate radials is to deploy an antenna that doesn't need them
Ham Radio Outside the Box
Automating antenna rotator control with Cloudlog and Tampermonkey
The magic lies in the custom JavaScript injected into the Cloudlog webpage.


A highland SOTA
A hike to a bare highlands SOTA in Western Norway.
The coolest mobile Ham Radio shack
This car is loaded down with several Ham Radios and antennas that Scott Farrell (KE4WMF) has managed to fit inside of his 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI.

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