Issue 323 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 323 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 323 March 16th, 2024

Hamvention bound

For the first time, I'll be driving up for Hamvention in May. I'm attending as a member of the press and my current thinkinig is to attempt a number of short-form audio interviews with interesting orgs, Hams, vendors, etc., which will be posted both here in the newsletter and on the daily site. I'm also having stickers made up, so hunt me down if you'd like one. Hope to see you there!

Top links

2024 ARRL Field Day Theme: Be Radio Active
The theme encourages Radio Amateurs to take advantage of the peak of Solar Cycle 25.
Installing VARA on Debian 12 Linux
I thought it best to document it here, and maybe help another poor lost soul.
The Modern Ham
A cross-platform logging app with rig control, cluster, WSJT-X support, and more.
Girl Scouts gear up to talk to International Space Station
Here's how they'll do it.
The Sacramento Bee
My ATU is soooo good, it will give a perfect match on anything
Even without an antenna connected.
CATS APRS alternative featured on Hackaday
CATS uses raw FSK rather than the inefficient AFSK used by APRS.
Low band VHF tests in Western Australia
The frequencies were 30.8761 MHz , 36.6073 MHz, 39.1467 MHz and 40.6864 MHz.
How I do it: A complete POTA activation from start to finish
Watch me, in real time, as I deploy an end fed half wave antenna, set up my station on a picnic table, and do a QRP (5 watt) POTA activation on the 15 meter band.
Handmade QSLs from the 1930s
Hams would purchase post cards from the post office (only a penny each, including postage!) and create their own designs.
Source of major RFI identified
You may note that it is at least 5,9+10dB.
Johnsons Techworld
APRS RX comparison
Anytone 878 vs Yaesu FT-5DR.


Portable DIY adjustable 2m J-Pole
Peel and stick some metal tape on a strap, cut out a J-Pole pattern.

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