Issue 325 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 325 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 325 March 30th, 2024

Top links

The most hackable handheld Ham Radio yet
The UV-K5 can be modded at the click of a mouse.
IEEE Spectrum
Designing a physical satellite tracking widget
Satellite tracking widget in a single small display.
M17 project announces 'repeater in a box'
M17 aims to provide a comprehensive FM/M17 repeater for remote sites or masts.
What's going on with Morse Code?
CW seems to be on the rise within our ranks.
Set up your own WIRES-X PDN
Operate a WIRES-X digital node station by directly connecting a compatible C4FM digital transceiver with a Windows PC.
Ham Radio films
Films featuring Ham Radio.
HF APRS with JS8Call
How to configure JS8Call to report your location into the APRS network.
Lonneys Notebook
Welcome500 Network
A friendly, multi-mode digital Amateur Radio network.
HamTV returns to International Space Station
AMSAT expects the equipment to be operating in the coming weeks.
Amateur Radio Daily
Pirate Hunt 2024
Log as many pirate stations as possible between March 29th and April 1st.
Sisä-Suomen Radioaktiiviset


I toured a Radio Shack
Video tour of one of the last Radio Shacks.

Hamvention bound

For the first time, I'll be driving up for Hamvention in May. I'm attending as a member of the press and my current thinkinig is to attempt a number of short-form audio interviews with interesting orgs, Hams, vendors, etc., which will be posted both here in the newsletter and on the daily site. I'm also having stickers made up, so hunt me down if you'd like one. Hope to see you there!

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