Issue 329 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 329 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 329 April 27th, 2024

Top links

A heavy sad heart
MFJ is ceasing its on-site production.
MFJ Enterprises
A QSL card revival for the 21st century
No printing involved. No mailing involved. No cost involved.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
Making an AllStarLink node with the URC
The following guide covers the steps to modify the Universal Radio Controller (URC) to use in an AllStarLink node.
A GNU/Linux multimode (analog and digital) SDR (software defined radio) transceiver application using the Internet for radio to VOIP bridging (radio over IP), built on top of GNU radio.
Radio frequency burns, flying a kite, and you
At half the signal’s wavelength, an antenna that long would capture plenty of energy from the nearby broadcast antenna.
DX-peditions collection
The California Historical Radio Society contributed this collection of DX-pedition material to the Digital Library of Amateur Radio and Communications.
Trying a $15 70cm transceiver
Browsing Amazon I noticed a pair of 446MHz transceivers for $30 and I wondered what you get.
Marxy's Musing on Technology
How to make emoijis in VarAC
Modify the VarAC.ini file.
Excellent video series on RF amplifier design
A six part video series on how to design an HF 50 watt RF linear amplifier.


Introduction to the Remote Radio Unit
Open Source full duplex transceiver with RF isolators.
M17 Project
Watch electricity hit a fork in the road at half a billion frames per second
Measuring a wave of electricity traveling down a wire, and answer the question - how does electricity know where to go?

Hamvention bound

For the first time, I'll be driving up for Hamvention in May. I'm attending as a member of the press and my current thinkinig is to attempt a number of short-form audio interviews with interesting orgs, Hams, vendors, etc., which will be posted both here in the newsletter and on the daily site. I'm also having stickers made up, so hunt me down if you'd like one. Hope to see you there!

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