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Spectacular launch explosion, guide to Q-signals, solar flare magic, more..
Spectacular launch explosion, guide to Q-signals, solar flare magic, more..
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 33 November 1st, 2014

Top links

Satellites carrying Amateur Radio payloads lost in launch explosion
The RACE and GOMX-2 CubeSats were among more than 2 dozen satellites lost after an unmanned Orbital Space Sciences (OSC) Antares 130 vehicle exploded spectacularly shortly after launch.
Remembering Julian Moss G4ILO
Like many others who have Tweeted or blogged about Julian's passing, I found his blog an inspiration and there was always something of interest for me.
CW Geek's Guide to Morse Code: Q-Signals
Below are the most commonly used Q-signals in amateur radio.
Solar flare magic
Cycle 24 continues to behave like few others! The slowly-decaying cycle released a major solar flare at 2247 UTC Friday.
PortableSDR: The Holy Grail of portable SDR transceivers?
The PSDR is a completely stand-alone (no computer needed), compact, Portable Software Defined Transceiver. Originally designed for backpacking use by Ham Radio operators.
The SWLing Post
4M Moon Orbiter signals "quite weak," onboard messages to loop
It's getting to be more challenging to receive the JT65B transmissions from the recently launched 4M (Manfred Memorial Moon Mission) lunar payload.
Coast Guard seeks assistance in identifying hoax caller
Coast Guard Sector North Carolina personnel are requesting assistance from the public in identifying a suspected hoax caller who is suspected to have made seven false distress calls during the past two years in the vicinity of New Bern.
Alaska from Eagle Pond with 5 Watts
Judy and I rode our bikes from Andover to Wilmot on the old Northern Rail route. I worked Germany, Alaska, Grand Turk Island, and New Mexico. It was a gorgeous day.

New product

AirSpy taking pre-orders for $199 SDR receiver
AirSpy is an advanced software defined radio receiver capable of sampling 10MHz of spectrum anywhere between 24MHz and 1.7GHz – and beyond.

How to

[PDF] 30 watt WSPR Transceiver
After building the oscillator, I realized that a relatively simple SSB transceiver could be constructed for WSPR operation. The following is a description of the "proof of concept" WSPR transceiver that resulted from my efforts.
Splicing coax without any connectors
Part of being a ham includes being flexible and having backup plans for operation when the power goes out or wind damages an antenna. Here's a way to splice coax without using any kind of connectors or commercially made splice, useful for building or repairing an antenna/feedline at the last minute.
Chicken Road Labs
[PDF] Terminated coaxial cage monopole
Martin Ehrenfried G8JNJ has developed an omni-directional antenna with a claimed bandwidth of 2-30 MHz at less than 2.5:1 SWR
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