Issue 330 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 330 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 330 May 11th, 2024

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The CME has arrived, and it is a big one
The biggest geomagnetic storm in almost 20 years is underway now. It has reached category G5--an extreme event.
2024 Amateur Radio Software Award announced
OpenWebRX, a project led by Jakob Ketterl DD5JFK, and OpenWebRX+, a project led by Marat Fayzullin KC1TXE, have been selected as the winners.
Amateur Radio Software Award
The Communicator May-June
Articles, projects, profiles, news, tips and how-tos for all levels of the hobby.
Surrey Amateur Radio Communications
First episodes of Prep Comms Podcast
Prep Comms offers real world insight for those in the prepper-sphere regarding communication solutions and best practices.
Ham Radio Network
Allstar Linked Repeaters On The Air
Providing a powerful AllStarLink hub for our Amateur Radio friends to connect each other for nets and emergency communications.
My wish list for a perfect HT
What features would make up a 70cm/2m dual-band handheld radio that leaves nothing to be desired?
Comparing transceivers
A personal journey from Yaesu FT-817 to Elecraft KX2 and beyond.
Newfoundland on QO-100?
Newfoundland is just outside the coverage area of QO-100, the elevation at Signal Hill at St. Johns is -0.9°, however, contacts have been made from Indonesia at an elevation as low as -1.3° so there is a chance of success.
Digital archive of QSL Cards
Setting up QSL galleries on the Internet Archive in order to help preserve radio history.
SWLing Post
Beyond the social: There is room for us all in Amateur Radio
Why are you getting back into Ham Radio? You don't like talking to people.


Unlocking the power of fractal antennas
Diving into the mysterious world of fractals and the Hilberts Curve.
Packet radio BBS node with LinBPQ
After digging into the world of packet radio BBSs over the past few weeks, I'm ready to show you how to set up your own.

Hamvention bound

For the first time, I'll be driving up for Hamvention in May. I'm attending as a member of the press and my current thinkinig is to attempt a number of short-form audio interviews with interesting orgs, Hams, vendors, etc., which will be posted both here in the newsletter and on the daily site. I'm also having stickers made up, so hunt me down if you'd like one. Hope to see you there!

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