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New Raspberry Pi, WSPR kit, DV MEGA, RaspPi HDTV transmitter, and more...
New Raspberry Pi, WSPR kit, DV MEGA, RaspPi HDTV transmitter, and more...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 35 November 15th, 2014

Top links

Fire destroys Hardened Power Systems shop
HPS is popular among radio amateurs for their portable power hardware, the DHAP, and other unique equipment.
New Raspberry Pi A+ only $20
Like the Model A, the Model A+ uses the BCM2835 application processor and has 256MB RAM, but it is significantly smaller, consumes less power, and inherits the many improvements that we made to the Model B+
The purpose of this experimental website is to provide 24/7 realtime band condition information. It's is based on "HF Ionospheric Interferometry."
49.9 MHz backscatter radar 16 kW with 64 antennas
The Bahir Dar coherent backscatter radar is being assembled by researchers from the University of Oulu, Finland and Boston College, USA.
Does shortwave radio have a future?
Epic article pondering the future of shortwave radio.
The SWLing Post
Ultimate3 QRSS/WSPR kit
The Ultimate3 QRSS/WSPR Transmitter Kit transmits QRSS, Hell, Opera, PI4 and WSPR slow-signal modes on any HF or MF band.
QRP Labs
40 years of tracking OSCAR-7
William Leijenaar (PE1RAH) shows how people tracked satellites in the time before PC's and AMSAT Argentina shows how it's done today.
California scientist-ham on the air from Antarctica's McMurdo Station
Ham radio is not the primary reason Ron Flick (K6REF) is in Antarctica, but it's proving to be an enjoyable diversion to his scientific activities at McMurdo Station and the Ross Ice Shelf.
Allowable international contacts with Ham Radio
While there are currently no banned countries, there are countries that don't let their citizens use ham radio.
Ham Radio School


DV MEGA: D-Star shield for Raspberry Pi
It's a small PCB that plugs into the GPIO connector on a Raspberry Pi computer and works with the G4KLX D-Star Repeater software.
Michael Carey
Eight days of solar flares on NASA video
The surface of the sun from October 14th to 30th, 2014, showing sunspot AR 2192, the largest sunspot of the last two solar cycles (22 years).

How to

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a live HDTV transmitter
Be sure to comply with the radio regulations applicable in your country. In particular, transmitting with significant power in the UHF TV bands will most likely get you into trouble. Your best bet is to get a ham radio license and use the 23 cm band.


DXpedition launches payment plan for QSLs
They can sign up with PayPal or a credit card and then we'll bill them in three easy payments of $19.95.
Ham Hijinks
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