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Twitter QSO party, ISS iGate project, how to operate from hotels, more...
Twitter QSO party, ISS iGate project, how to operate from hotels, more...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 36 November 22nd, 2014

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Lantern: One device, free data from space forever
"The short wave radio for the digital age."
Amateur enforcement "very much alive"
Former FCC Special Counsel for Enforcement Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, told the Forsyth Amateur Radio Club that the FCC is still active in the Amateur Radio enforcement arena.
US Thanksgiving Weekend Worked All Twitter (#WATwitter) QSO party
This year is the 4th annual Worked All Twitter QSO party and by Worked All Twitter, we mean work all your ham friends, or anyone else for that matter, on any social media platform.
30 years of weather balloon launches at Antarctica
Balloons are launched every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning by the on-duty Met Observer. Anyone on base can meet up with them at the sign-out board at 8.00am and go and help launch a balloon
Cathy Colless
Ham Radio launches to deep space
ARTSAT2:DESPATCH will carry a 7 watt CW transmitter on 437.325 MHz.
The ghpsdr3-alex Project
SDR sever and client project supporting HPSDR, Softrock, UHFSDR, Microtelecom Perseus, SDR-iq, HiQSDR, Ettus Research USRP and rtl-sdr DVB-T dongles.
Gpredict: Real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction app
Gpredict is different from other satellite tracking programs in that it allows you to group the satellites into visualization modules. Each of these modules can be configured independently from the others giving you unlimited flexibility.
SatNOGS win Hackaday prize
The open-source amateur satellite tracking project SatNOGS has won the Hackaday 1st prize and an amateur radio SDR won 3rd prize.
The completely updated incomplete list of Ham Radio iPhone apps
As usual, I will focus on free or low cost (less than $5) apps that I am actively using.
Amateur Radio stations heard via ISS
This page documents Amateur Radio data digipeated by the International Space Station.

How to

Raspberry Pi ISS iGate project
This project is an APRS iGate for ARISS program's digipeater aboard the International Space Station.
Ham Radio operation from hotels
This article is about operating from hotels and motels as part of business trips - not extended vacation DXpedition operating.
How to use coaxial strippers
It is designed to strip 75 ohm coaxes such as RG-6u, but the sizes are so similar it ought to work for 50 ohm (ham radio) coax E.G. RG-8x.
Chicken Road Labs
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