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Ham Radio Bitcoin, new digital mode, RadioShack eulogy, rotor rebuild...
Ham Radio Bitcoin, new digital mode, RadioShack eulogy, rotor rebuild...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 37 November 29th, 2014

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A eulogy for RadioShack, the panicked and half-dead retail empire
This may very well be RadioShack's final holiday season. Jon, a former employee, looks back on a strange, craven, five thousand-fingered strip-mall monster from a forgotten age.
SB Nation
HamRadioCoin: Crypto via radio, alternative blockchain channel
HamRadioCoin utilizes the traditional Ham radio mesh to serve modern blockchain technology. This provides the blockchain and cryptocurrency with the first real alternative channel – a communications network that is both standardized and global.
CryptoCoins News
Local planning commission restricts tower use from 6am to 6pm
For several residents of Coombs Street in Napa, Jeff Hullquist is their least favorite neighbor – or rather, the 55-foot-tall antenna outside his house is.
Napa Valley Register
New digital mode: EXChat
EXChat equips your computer with a one sentence at a time chat-mode for operation on the HF bands.
AmateurLogic's Ham College
Ham College is a podcast for those new to the hobby and those wishing to get into Amateur Radio.
7 alternative hacker boards
Arduino and Raspberry Pi are great, but if you're looking for an alternate hacker board, here are seven presented at this week's Designers of Things conference.
EE Times
NASA offers $5 million prize for CubeSat design
Challenge objectives include designing, building and delivering flight-qualified, small satellites capable of advanced operations near and beyond the moon.
Arthur, world's first satellite communication dish, reborn
Big data? Pah. Arthur is big hardware. He weighs in at 1,118 tonnes, has a diameter of 25.9 metres and is 52 years old. From his home, a high plateau on Cornwall’s remote Lizard peninsula – as far south as you can go on the island of Great Britain without falling off – he has played his part in Space Age history, appropriate given he resembles one of its rockets in scale and riveting style.
The Register


Open digital Voice for VHF/UHF
K6B is doing something about it. In this talk from the 2014 ARRL and TAPR DCC, Bruce explains what the problem is with FreeDV, details what he's doing, and what else needs to be done. On to the (HT of) the Future....

How to

Building a project box from scratch
This is a video showing how to build a custom sized project box out of a thin aluminum sheet and some aluminum angle bar.
Rebuilding CDE TRA-4 rotor
After breaking the rotor down I'm going to re-grease it and clean out all of the internal parts.

And finally...

Armchair ham radio at it's best
I came up with a nice solution to bringing ham radio to the La-Z-Boy chair.
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