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DIY radar, command line APRS, CW guide, ham radio in deep space, more...
DIY radar, command line APRS, CW guide, ham radio in deep space, more...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 38 December 06th, 2014

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Generate APRS packets as audio, .WAV files
Command line library to generate Bell 202 AFSK audio samples and AFSK encoded APRS/AX.25 packets.
Google Science Fair winner converts breath to Morse Code
I decided to use a binary language for users to dictate letters. International Morse Code was selected as it enables dictation of words with least possible signals.
Google / Southgate
6 GHz frequency modulated radar
Inspired by the MIT coffee can radar designed by Gregory Charvat, I figured that building a radar should be a doable project that would offer some challenge while also having some real world use.
Henrik's Blog
How about a new 12 volt automotive connector?
The good news is that we do have a standard power connector for 12 VDC in automobiles. The bad news is that it is an ugly behemoth derived from — can you believe it? — a cigarette lighter.
Ham radio spacecraft launched into deep space
ARTSAT2:DESPATCH has a 7 watt CW transmitter on 437.325 MHz and is also the first 3D printed sculpture to be carried into deep space.
ISS HAM TV ground station documentation under development
Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) is continuing to explore the possibility of establishing a network of ground stations to enable the use of the Ham TV video system during ARISS school contacts.
Keeping it simple
As with the spirit of QRP and doing "more with less," I decided to take W2LJ's advice and downsize my radio camping gear. The process started soon after the return trip from Elkins, WV and the 4,000 ft mountain top.
CW geek's guide to having fun with Morse Code: Starting the contact
Now that you've made contact, you need to know how and what to send to the other station. Most CW contacts follow a fairly simple protocol, at least on the first transmission.


First impressions Baofeng GT-3 Mark II
The Baofeng GT-3 Mark II solves a number of flaws present in the early model, while preventing the introduction of new problems such as the 'beep' bug found the the latest UV-5R models.
Ham Radio Blog PD0AC
A review of the Elad FDM-S2 software defined receiver
I would also note that I'm favorably impressed with the S2's waterfall and spectrum display; not only can you customize the colors via the settings window, but you also have the options to embed timecode in the waterfall and to display broadcaster information from the frequency database in the spectrum.
The SWLing Post


Radar returns during tropo ducting propagation
The radar detects electric windmill sites in the area where there are clusters of dozens or more windmills in one general area.
WLW's 500,000 watt transmitter
Back in 1932 WLW increased their power from 50,000 watts to 500,000 watts. They were the only AM broadcasting station in America ever to operate at 500,000 watts. Much of the old transmitter still exists.
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