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Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 4 April 5th, 2014

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University of Akron to launch high-altitude balloon with repeater, SSTV
On April 12th the University of Akron Amateur Radio Club will launch a high-altitude balloon which will include a cross-band repeater plus telemetry transmitting through RTTY and slow-scan television.
University of Akron Amateur Radio Club
Hams activate emergency nets across the Pacific after earthquake in Chile
Radio Club de Chile activated with the Chilean National Emergency Office of the Ministry of Interior and Public Security. In Hawaii hams activated tsunami watch nets linking statewide State Civil Defense RACES/Oahu Department of Emergency Management VHF/UHF repeaters.
Joe Walsh co-hosts Ham Nation
Joe Walsh (WB6ACU) of the Eagles co-hosted Ham Nation this week. The popular podcast also introduced a new co-host, Valerie Hotzfeld, NV9L
Ham Nation
Johns Hopkins to attempt recontrol of ISSE-3/ICE sat first launched in 1978
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory has been granted permission from NASA to attempt recontrol of the International Cometary Explorer satellite that will be lost if contact isn't reestablished by June.
Is LituanicaSAT-1 a big deal? The President of Lithuania thinks so
Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite transmitted a greeting via the LituanicaSAT-1 CubeSat transponder. The CubeSat was built by Lithuanian radio amateurs and deployed to space on February 28th by ISS.
Ham operator assists U.S. Coast Guard in rescue of 3 from sinking sailboat
A Panamanian ham radio operator assisted the U.S. Coast Guard in directing a tanker ship that eventually rescued three U.S. citizens from a sinking sailboat off the coast of Panama.
Nevada Amateur Radio Newswire
Amateur Radio saves lost hikers in California
A party of five hikers lost without phone service in San Emigdio Canyon used a hand-held transceiver to call on a local repeater for help.
Solar flare results in radio blackout on March 29th
A brief radio blackout occurred on March 29th at 1748 UTC creating interference on frequencies as high as 2800MHz.


Mapping caves with Amateur Radio
Stanley Sides measures cave depth with a loop antenna and transmitter placed hundreds of feet underground.
Dealing with power line noise
One ham's documented journey in dealing with interference from power lines. N0RQ also describes how you can properly work with your local power utility to solve RFI issues in your neighborhood.
Working JT65? Don't let your signal get away from you
Working digital modes means keeping your transmit power low and your rig's automatic level control at a minimum. MM0KFX posted a classic example of what can happen when your levels aren't in check.

And finally...

Is Dwight a ham?
KD8RTT offers this evidence.
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