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Awesome female operators, dBi vs. dBd, care for lithium-ion batteries, more
Awesome female operators, dBi vs. dBd, care for lithium-ion batteries, more
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 40 December 20th, 2014

Top links

YL 33: First female Ham Radio operators, and their awesome legacy
The appeal of communicating independently to others across the globe struck a chord with many people in the early 20th century—including women looking for ways to participate in war efforts, and connect with other women around the world.
The Mary Sue
ISS SSTV success – More transmissions Saturday, December 20
Russian ARISS team members successfully activated the amateur radio Slow Scan TV (SSTV) experiment from the International Space Station (ISS) on 145.800 MHz FM. Further transmissions using the callsign RS0ISS are planned for Saturday, December 20, 2014.
Compute summits visible from any location worldwide
The main site computes the horizon and mountain names and other related visualizations, including the surface of the Earth visible from where you're standing and the line of sight profile between you and the distant peaks.
YLRL Young Ladies' Radio League
Organized in 1939, YLRL is a nonprofit organization of women Amateur Radio Licensees. With a membership of approximately 1,100, it is international in scope.
Don't count AM/FM radio out just yet
Podcasts are big and getting bigger, but what are you gonna turn on when the zombie apocalypse comes?
dBi vs. dBd
One of the common antenna gain references is the theoretical point source antenna that radiates equally in all spherical directions. Another common reference antenna is the simple free space dipole antenna. The "free space" terminology means that the dipole reference is the theoretical performance of the dipole if it had no other objects near it, including the earth.
Ham Radio School
Tips for public service communicators
Emergency communicator's notebook from the St. Louis Metro ARES group.
St. Louis Metro ARES / RACES
"Amateur Radio Parity Act" campaign will resume in new congress
Largely as the result of a grassroots campaign, "The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014" (H.R. 4969) attracted the support of 69 members of the US House of Representatives in addition to that of its sponsor, Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL).

How to

How to care for a lithium-ion battery
Because every battery depends on a chemical reaction to provide power, it is important to monitor the number of cycle charges and the age of the battery. These factors determine the proper time to replace and recycle units.
Icom IC-9100 digital modes over USB on OS X setup guide
Craig (W1MSG) recently converted to OS X and has drafted a guide to get the Icom IC-9100 working with Digital Modes (specifically Fldigi) on a Mac.
Mac Ham Radio


Pofung (Baofeng) GT-5
the Baofeng GT-5 is essentially a Baofeng UV-82 in a more modern looking package.


Survey from Crowley's Ridge to MemHamWAN Cell site
Demonstration of a long-distance connection to a HamWAN mesh network in Memphis.
Ryan Turner
Stealth 2 Meter Copper J-Pole for your HOA
AF5DN shows a clever way to disguise an antenna sitting in plain sight.

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