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2014 in review, custom UV-3R firmware, ham spacecraft, US-Cuba shortwave...
2014 in review, custom UV-3R firmware, ham spacecraft, US-Cuba shortwave...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 42 January 3rd, 2015
Happy New Year from Amateur Radio Weekly!

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New Year's Eve magic
When the winter solar flux numbers drop to dismal levels, many 6m guys just stop watching the band. One person didn't. John is VE7's iron man of 6m and spends almost 100% of his radio time seeking the magic.
US and Cuba: The shortwave radio listener perspective
I would like to share my perspective of this event with a few shortwave recordings I made the following morning.
London Shortwave
Australian radio hams plan winged spacecraft
VK2URB and his 12-year-old son are hoping to make history with the development of the smallest spacecraft able to re-enter Earth's atmosphere and land safely.
A Year to Remember
Our hobby has never received so much attention by popular media. For one entire year, ham radio became the "Kardashian's" of the hobby world.
Shortwave pirate radio 2014 – A year In review
To gauge shortwave pirate radio activity in 2014, I analyzed the loggings to the HF Underground message board. A computer script parsed the message thread titles, as well as the timestamps of the messages.
30 Below
ARRL revises contesting guidelines
The latest guidelines address changes in technology that have affected contesting in recent years — including remote station operation.
Using the RTL-SDR dongle to detect meteors
A new paper has been released by Dr. David Morgan 2W0CXV on using the RTL2841 DVB TV Dongle as an SDR processor with SpectrumLab.
Station 'buzzed' every second since the 1970s - no one knows why
Suddenly the piercing buzzing noise that has continued incessantly for months stops. A cold voice takes over. 'U-V-B-7-6' is read out in a thick Russian accent.
Daily Mail
[PDF] Single sideband for the non-technial
These notes are for people who don't have a background in radio technology, and who are interested in disaster preparedness.
Eleanor White

How to

Flashing the UV-3R firmware
The firmware chip used on the UV3R is the MC81F8616 which is capable of being re-flashed many times. Better still, the manufacture of the the chip Abov has all the documentation, the compilers and the programmers for this chip.
ID-5100E Accessing D-STAR repeaters and reflectors
First of a series of tutorials providing tips on using the ID-5100E D-STAR dualband digital mobile.


40 meter QRP CW Pixie Kit demonstration
A simple shortwave transceiver kit for sending and receiving Morse code over amateur radio frequencies.
Zed Zed's Workbench
Using MacDoppler to work Amateur Satellites
MacDoppler has excellent rig control, automatically adjusting frequency for the doppler shift, and can directly log your contacts into the MacLoggerDX software.
Mac Ham Radio
Amateur Radio Weekly is curated by KK4HSX. Thank you for reading. 73
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