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RTTY BBS, RaspPi 6x more powerful, Codec2 on VHF, DIY remote kit, more...
RTTY BBS, RaspPi 6x more powerful, Codec2 on VHF, DIY remote kit, more...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 47 February 7th, 2015

Top links

RTTY BBS on 28.090 MHz
To connect, call KF5YZJ de YOURCALL. It should recognize your call and provide you with a rudimentary signal report and a menu of options.
Raspberry Pi 2: Same price, 6 times the performance
Because it has an ARMv7 processor, it can run the full range of ARM GNU/Linux distributions, including Snappy Ubuntu Core, as well as Microsoft Windows 10.
Raspberry Pi Foundation
Hams discuss the hobby's biggest weaknesses and opportunities
What is the biggest strength, weakness, opportunity or threat in ham radio now?
Codec 2 and GMSK over VHF Radio
I had some results suggesting we can build a Codec 2 VHF "mode" that outperforms legacy analog FM by 10dB (that's a factor of 10 in power). It seemed to good too be true. So for the past few weeks I've been working with Daniel, VA7DRM, to test these ideas using real radios.
RadioShack's long, slow downward slide nears the end
The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) delisted RadioShack on February 2, after the company failed to provide a plan to address a lack of compliance with NYSE rules related to maintenance of company value.
Mizzou Amateur Radio Club returns to the airwaves
The revival began in earnest last spring, said club president and graduate art student Phil Gresham, who spearheaded the effort alongside fellow students Jon Cole and Justin Yesis.
University of Missouri
The largest shortwave transmission site in the world is...?
While I know exactly what North America's largest government transmission site is–the Edward R. Murrow Transmission Site–as well as North America's largest private transmission site–WRMI–I'm uncertain which is the largest site internationally... Is it one of these, or another?
The SWLing Post

How to

Design and build a single sideband transceiver from scratch
Amateur radio is the only hobby that offers its licensed operators the chance to legally design, build, and operate high power radio transceivers connected to unlimited antenna arrays for the purpose of communicating anywhere in the world.
Designing and building a 2m low pass filter
I've been playing with the DRA818V modules that have been making quite a stir in the amateur radio world.
The Life of Kenneth
DIY remote kit for the IC-706: Improved audio client and server
There are virtually no limits for how long this latency can become. On a bad mobile connection it can quickly go up to 5-10 seconds which is clearly unusable for a real-time setup such as this one. One way to eliminate long latencies and keep certain level of robustness is to use asynchronous playback at the client side but limit the length of the playback buffer.
Make your own transceiver with a Dorji DRA818U or DRA818V
For only $12.88 you get a fully functional 1 watt transceiver working on either VHF or UHF.

and finally...

Seth's Ham Radio
Seth Myers tries to conquer a new social media platform.
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