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Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 5 April 12th, 2014

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Heartbreaking account of one ham's fight with a brain tumour
Julian Moss (G4ILO), an amateur radio operator with a strong internet presence, has been blogging his battle against an incurable brain tumour.
World Amateur Radio Day is April 18th
Every year the International Amateur Radio Union celebrates World Amateur Radio Day on April 18th as a celebration of what's possible in the world of ham radio.
Hams activate for tropical cyclone
Amateur Radio operators have activated on HF and VHF frequencies for the passing of health and welfare traffic related to cyclone Ita as it affects northern areas of Australia
Review of the new Wouxun KG-UV8D dual-band HT gives a quick hands-on review of the soon to be released KG-UV8D handheld transceiver. The biggest take away is the VHF/VHF dual receive capability.
Building the Softrock RXTX software defined radio
A write-up describing the benefits and potential pitfalls of building the Softrock RXTX SDR kit paired with the popular HDSDR software application.
Midnight Cheese
HAARP facility may be dismantled
A curious compound located in Alaska, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program may soon be dismantled due to lack of funding.
Technology built by hams helps power search for missing airline
'Spectrum Laboratory' by Wolf Buescher (DL4YHF) is a piece of software used to analyze audio and is currently assisting in the search for "pings" emitted from the black box of missing airline flight MH370.


Building an inexpensive antenna for 2 meters
K7AGE demonstrates how to get better transmit and receive capability out of your handheld transceiver by crafting a simple, inexpensive quarter wave ground plane 2 meter antenna.
Extend the range of your car's key fob with a bottle of water
Professor Roger Bowley from Nottingham University (with a hat tip to Top Gear) demonstrates how water extends the range of radio waves emitted from your car's key fob.
Build your own satellite
DIY Space Exploration conducts a lengthy interview with Dr. Sandy Antunes about how he built his own satellite for roughly the price of a new car.
DIY Space Exploration

And finally...

What is Ham Radio?
ABC Australia gives an overview of what the Amateur Radio hobby is all about. Brian Stokes (VK2AAF) is interviewed by Linda Mottram of ABC Sydney.
Hand curated by KK4HSX. Thank you for reading! 73!
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