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RadioShack rebirth, 40MHz accees, Amateur Radio and Ingress, more...
RadioShack rebirth, 40MHz accees, Amateur Radio and Ingress, more...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 56 April 11th, 2015

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RadioShack's blueprint for a rebirth, planned by a hedge fund
"It's time for a new day," Mr. Kim said, his voice tense yet steady. "We're here today because we know this can work."
New York Times
South African Hams get 40MHz access
Amateurs have been given 'propagation studies' permission to transmit between 40.675MHz and 40.685MHz.
Amateur Radio and Ingress
Those of us licensed have found that taking radios out on missions is a real boon, and if you ever hear simplex chat talking about "portals," "hacking" and "deploying," that'll be some of the local Ingress players.
Essex Ham
TEN-TEC and Alpha purchased from RF Concepts
Less than a year after TEN-TEC and Alpha Amplifiers merged under the RF Concepts banner, the companies have changed hands.
Infrared light offers alternative for wireless charging
Wi-Charge's wireless charging technology claims to deliver up to 10 W of power over 10 meters.
Spurious emissions and harmonics on Baofeng radios?
If this were correct, the Baofeng UV-5R would be the most horrible design ever. But wait, we did this already a long time ago, and the UV-5R wasn't too bad at all.
A Worked All States and DX Net
Amateur Radio's Late Night Net on 40 Meters
Time and frequency station back on the air
Time and frequency standard station WWV silenced its 25 MHz signal in 1977, but it returned to the air on an "experimental basis" a year ago, and it's still up and running.

How to

DRA818: A weekend VHF/UHF radio audio transceiver project
On the board you will also find a microphone preamplifier.
Jurij Mikeln


Antenna testing using WSPR
You can use a website to view a map of the station that you have heard and stations that have heard you.


Review: Atom 40S Mobile HF Antenna
My previous experiences with HF mobile antennas have not been so great.
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