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Open source reflow oven, shutting down analog FM, SSTV in 1973, more...
Open source reflow oven, shutting down analog FM, SSTV in 1973, more...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 57 April 18th, 2015

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Navy once wanted the world's largest antenna in Wisconsin
In the 1960s, US Navy officials concocted an ambitious plan: they wanted to bury a gigantic grid of cables under roughly 41 percent of the state of Wisconsin in order to turn its bedrock into the world's largest radio antenna.
FCC proposes to make past Ham address information private
The FCC is seeking comments on a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) in WT Docket 15-81 that would restrict routine public inspection of an Amateur Radio licensee's address history.
Norway: first country to shut down FM analog radio
Within two years from now, the shutdown of national FM-networks begins in Norway.
The SWLing Post
ADIF to map Amateur Ham Radio contacts
This web application will read in a ham radio ADIF file and map contacts on a Google map.
Best Android Morse (CW) apps
Determined to finally master the skill, I'm using Android tutors to practice where and when I can.
Using WebSDRs worldwide for the ISS
Martin Ehrenfried G8JNJ describes how he uses WebSDRs to listen to ISS transmissions on 145.800 and 145.825 MHz. The SUWS SDR at Farnham can even receive the 143.625 MHz ISS comms channel.


SSTV images from the International Space Station
I used my Arrow Antenna dual band J-Pole antenna, FT-817, Signalink USB interface and MMSSTV software.
Slow Scan TV in 1973
On a 1973 Israeli TV show, Aaron 4X1AG (ex 4Z4AG) demonstrated amateur radio Slow Scan Television (SSTV), which in the pre-PC era was displayed using a long persistence tube.

How to

DIY open source reflow oven
Turn a household toaster oven into a soldering reflow oven for surface mount components.


Fo Time! The Other Ham Radio Podcast
Fo Time is a new podcast, aimed at the 'younger' Ham Operator and those interested in learning more about the hobby.
Fo Time!
QSO Today Podcast
I hope that you will sign up and join me for my weekly exploration of ham radio, my QSO, with these accomplished ham radio operators.
QSO Today Podcast
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