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Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 6 April 19th, 2014

Top links

104 tiny KickSat Sprite satellites launched into orbit
Roughly the size of a credit card, KickSat Sprites will transmit telemetry packets on 437MHz with information like battery charge state and temperature.
The spooky world of the 'numbers stations'
Communication between secret government agents in plain spoken word still happens today over shortwave radio.
"Impossible levels" of powerline interference soon to come?
G3XBM explains how forthcoming powerline networking devices may produce vastly more RFI than existing equipment.
Solar powered 434MHz balloon floats from UK to Syria
M0XER launched a simple foil party balloon with a solar powered transmitter attached as a payload.
Amateur Radio assists with Boston Marathon
WBZ explains how the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s ham radio club assists in logistics for the Boston Marathon.
WBZ CBS Boston
Ham Radio and fitness
Incorporating a little fitness into our sometimes sedentary hobby can make for healthier hams.
FUNcube/AO-73 to be active on weekends
The FUNcube/AO-73 Amateur Radio transponder will be active on weekends for SSB/CW modes.
Cold-War era nuclear bunker special event station to be on-air this weekend
A now decommissioned nuclear bunker in the UK is home to a permanent special event station, GB0SNB.


Enjoy Ham Radio
A website dedicated to new Hams and those curious about the hobby. VK6MAB features well written articles on everything from callsigns to equipment.
Enjoy Ham Radio
D-STAR access through a DVAP dongle attached to a Raspberry Pi
A thorough video walking the user through the process of setting up a DVAP dongle to access the D-STAR network.
Receiving PSK31 on an iPad
A quick demo showing how to decode PSK31 transmissions on an iPad using the PSKer app.

And finally...

That Frequency
We’ve all come across that frequency. You know the one I mean. There are no good guys on that frequency.
Radio Artisan
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