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Dayton livestreams, new Elecraft K3S, SDR in your browser, fume extractor
Dayton livestreams, new Elecraft K3S, SDR in your browser, fume extractor
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 60 May 16th, 2015

Top links

Dayton livestream from W5KUB
W5KUB broadcasts live from Hamvention all day Saturday.
Dayton livestream from Icom
Icom will be streaming a number of D-STAR related forums as well as the Youth Forum
Elecraft announces new K3S [PDF]
"We've upgraded nearly every subsystem, improving performance and adding many new features."
Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015: 55 cosponsors — and climbing
This weekend's Dayton Hamvention will offer an opportunity for ARRL to speak with individual radio amateurs and encourage them to seek their House member's support.
Browser-based SDR software: OpenWebRX
OpenWebRX is a multi-user SDR receiver software with a web interface.
Public service operating notes
ARROW, our amateur radio club here in Ann Arbor, was asked to help out with crowd control and parking. Here are some observations.
HF mobile, a different kind of radio shack
Mobile HF radio adds yet another dimension to Ham Radio. This is my second go at HF Mobile operation.
US Naval Academy CubeSat launch to include next APRS satellite
Sometime on or about May 20, the next US Naval Academy satellites and Brno University PSK31 transponders head into space from Cape Canaveral on an Atlas 5 launcher and into an approximately 50° orbit.

How to

Reverse engineering a radio weather station
Decoding messages from a 433 MHz weather station using an RTL-SDR.
Altoids tin solder fume extractor
Candy tin device helps keep your air clean and your lungs healthy.
US Amateurs: How to print out your license
Following these steps will allow you to print the official copy, not just the reference copy.


Climbing a 1,500' TV Tower
This is tower climber Kevin Schmidt making the climb to the very top of the now inactive KDLT TV analog broadcast antenna near Salem, SD.
Prairie Aerial
Transatlantic beacon reception on 144 MHz
The 144.436 MHz beacon D4C in the Cape Verde Islands HK76mv was received at PJ4VHF in Bonaire, Caribbean EM95qc on May 6 over a distance of 4686 km.
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