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K3S demo video, Raspberry Pi WSPR transmitter, 5 watts spans the globe...
K3S demo video, Raspberry Pi WSPR transmitter, 5 watts spans the globe...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 62 May 30th, 2015

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Still amazes me
It still amazes me that 5 Watts of RF energy can span the globe. To quote my son Joey, "What sorcery is this?"
Radio Contest? Why?
The basic objective of most radio contests is to make as many radio contacts as possible. This is influenced by the scoring method used for the contest.
Ham Radio School
Interview: KGB spy who relied on numbers stations
Jack Barsky held a job at some of the top corporations in the U.S. and lived a seemingly normal life -- all while spying for the Soviet Union
60 Minutes
Les Paul's pirate radio station in Queens
Not only did he build the first solid body electric guitar and invent multi-track recording but he was responsible for creating a pirate radio station in Queens in the 30s.
Radio call saves SOTA climber following fall
A Littleton, Colorado, radio amateur and mountaineer was happy to have his hand-held transceiver along on May 17 after he slipped and fell from an icy ledge in Berthoud Pass while snowshoeing.
29 MHz – the forgotten frequency for amateur radio satellites
Hans van de Groenendaaal ZS6AKV writes in the EngineerIT magazine about the potential for 29 MHz as a satellite uplink band.
Photos from the Voice of America Museum
Immediately after packing up our table at the Dayton Hamvention, my buddies Eric (WD8RIF), Miles (KD8KNC), and I made the 30 minute journey to Bethany, Ohio, to visit the VOA Bethany museum.
The SWLing Post


Elecraft K3S Transceiver demo
First details of the new K3S transceiver, presented by Peter Waters G3OJV.
Waters & Stanton
How to wind a toroid inductor
The real trick is often how to hold the toroid core while doing the winding of the wire.

How to

Using the Raspberry Pi as an RTL-SDR streaming server
Do you have an unused Raspberry Pi lying around your bench somewhere and just can't figure out what to do with it? You could build a wireless RTL-SDR streaming server.
WsprryPi: Raspberry Pi WSPR transmitter
The I/O pins provide access to a clock signal and it is possible to modulate this clock signal via software.
Gerolf Ziegenhain
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