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NR5M super-station, QRP delta loop antenna, MS bike tour on APRS, more...
NR5M super-station, QRP delta loop antenna, MS bike tour on APRS, more...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 65 June 20th, 2015

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FCC announce agreement to scale back field office shutdowns
Offices already slated to remain open are New York City; Columbia, Maryland — the site of the Bureau's HF Direction-Finding Center; Chicago; Atlanta; Miami; Dallas; Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
Old VHS recorders could cause long delay echoes
Over the next few weeks, Tommy heard several LDEs, some with separations as much as 3 or 4 days and during this time made several recordings of the events.
A look inside the NR5M super-station
The sun was just setting and I'm sure I had a stupid look on my face as I saw the towers rise over the horizon. What a sight to behold.
Another June VHF Contest In the Bag
6m had sporadic-e openings very late both evenings, about the time I was ready to give up. Fortunately, I stuck with it and made quite a few contacts late into the evening.
The MS Bike Tour on APRS
Each of the mobiles that were assigned to the various checkpoints with an APRS tracker on board had their APRS trackers programed with a tactical callsign that appeared on the screen of my netbook running APRSIS32 with open-street-maps.
Texas Ham Com - A nice fest that should be the country's biggest
Look at Hara and then tell someone: "It's an exciting hobby, just look at this, our biggest event of the year!"
When all else fails
The chaos that would ensue would be mind boggling. Not a happy thought.
Baofeng battery test results
The tests were conducted to determine the best long life back-up AA battery solution for the Baofeng HT.
Fo Time! The Other Ham Radio Podcast
Letters to Congress offer biggest boost to Amateur Radio Parity Act
The most useful action radio amateurs can take is to contact their members of Congress, urging them to sign on as a bill cosponsor.
Ham Radio can bring Morse Code back to the high seas
Recently, the FCC granted amateurs access to a portion of the historic maritime radio band where most Morse code communication took place. This grant means that people will once again communicate regularly using Morse code around maritime channels at 472, 476, and 478 kHz.

How to

APRS configuration and testing for a balloon project
We have developed a Pi add-on board and software that together add APRS capability to the Pi In The Sky telemetry board.
Pi in the Sky


Amongst the kilowatts: 14 MHz SSB QRP DX with a delta loop
Have we stumbled across one of the great low-cost antennas for over water portable QRP DXing?
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