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Receiving 12-15 watts from Pluto, Dayton attendance up, Q codes quiz, more
Receiving 12-15 watts from Pluto, Dayton attendance up, Q codes quiz, more
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 69 July 18th, 2015

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Receiving New Horizons' signal from Pluto
The 12-15 watt transmission is not a tight beam. As it travels through space, the radio waves spread out, becoming thinner and more diffuse.
Hamvention attendance up slightly in 2015
The official attendance at the 2015 Dayton Hamvention was 25,621. That's an increase from the official count of 24,873 visitors last year.
Q codes quiz
How well do you know your Q codes?
Fldigi adds FSQ mode
The FSQ implementation in Fldigi supports the directed, undirected and image modes of FSQ.
Mac Ham Radio
FSQ mode documentation
FSQ, Fast Simple QSO, is an Incremental-Frequency-Keyed mode using an offset differential modulation scheme similar to DominoEX, and Thor.
More ISS SSTV July 18-19 on 145.800 MHz FM
ARISS SSTV images will be transmitted this weekend to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz Mission.
Solar Cycle 25 and beyond
The one bright light is the likelihood of amazingly good low band (160, 80, 40m) conditions for many, many winters.
W4HH's solar/battery setup
After calculating the Amp-hour load of my low-power radios, I decided to purchase a 12 Amp-hour battery and a solar panel that would put out enough current to charge that battery.
Improving on FreeDV 700
Speech coding is the art of "what can I throw away." Speech codecs remove a bunch of redundant information. As much as they can.

How to

Working FO-29 semi-duplex
Going by the golden rule of manually tuning for Doppler on satellites, which is always tune the higher frequency, FO-29 can be worked with a semi duplex all mode radio.


Introduction to DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)
Digital Mobile Radio (aka MotoTRBO) - a digital voice mode for VHF/UHF that is becoming more and more popular in Amateur Radio.
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