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Antenna builds, Linux podcasts, satellites, SDR and more
Antenna builds, Linux podcasts, satellites, SDR and more
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 7 April 26th, 2014

Top links

The top 10 reasons to come to Dayton
AMSAT gives 10 good reasons to make the trip to this year's hamfest in Dayton, Ohio. (If you're at all interested in amateur radio and space, you'll like this list.)
New HAARP-like ionospheric research project
Penn State is building a facility at Arecibo Observatory that will study the interaction between HF radio energy and ionospheric plasma.
Podcast: Linux in the Ham Shack
Linux in the Ham Shack is a fun podcast centered around Linux and ham radio. Promoting FOSS (free and open-source software), Linux in the Ham Shack is a state of mind and a phenomenon!
Linux in the Ham Shack
PongSat 2: Ham sends student-built ping-pong sats to the edge of space
W6JPA is running a Kickstarter campaign to send 2000 ping-pong based satellites toward space and back again. The ping-pong balls are later recovered and returned to the students.
The Basement Satellite
A documentary follows DS1SBO's attempt at building a do-it-yourself satellite project funded by selling10,000 t-shirts.
WKBN TV reports on amateur radio on World Amateur Radio Day
Featuring the Western Reserve Amateur Radio Club from Ohio, WKBN highlights their activity on World Amateur Radio Day and the valuable resource amateur radio provides when disasters hit.
A weekend SOTA expedition
AD5A has a short write-up about his weekend SOTA (Summits on the Air) trip to New Mexico where he was able to activate 6 summits.
FCC proposes unlicensed spectrum at 5 Ghz
The new allocation would be available for "high data rate mobile and fixed communications for individuals, businesses, and institutions."


Build a 144 or 432MHz mixed mode helix antenna
G8JNJ describes how to build omni-directional helix antennas suited for satellite and high-altitude balloon reception.
The $4.00 satellite ham radio antenna
KG0ZZ walks us through building a single coax cable fed dual band 2m/70cm yagi antenna made with common materials.
Back to basics: Ham radio call signs
Enjoy Ham Radio describes what makes up a call sign.
Enjoy Ham Radio


Overview and demonstration of RTL-SDR
KD8RTT gave a 10 minute video introducing software defined radios well as a demonstration of the $20 RTL-SDR dongle.

And finally...

The Reddit HF Net
Reddit + HF + IRC = ?
Hand curated by KK4HSX. Thank you for reading! 73!
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