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Issue 73 of Amateur Radio Weekly features HF APRS, J-Pole antenna grounding
Issue 73 of Amateur Radio Weekly features HF APRS, J-Pole antenna grounding
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 73 August 15th, 2015

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Getting started in Meteor Scatter
I write this during the peak of the Perseid meteor shower as it’s much more likely for a newcomer inspired by the article to decode meteor scatter bursts with a modest VHF station.
Perseids peaking
My receiver immediately sprung to life with a very loud SSB signal, slightly off-tune. We talked back and forth for about another 60 seconds before the burn finally dissipated.
Meteor Scatter experiments
Last weekend was very close to the peak meteor shower from Perseid. This gave us an ideal opportunity to try meteor scatter for the very first time.
Loughton & Epping Forest
J-Pole antenna grounding
A fully grounded antenna is certainly a very worthwhile goal so long as you don't needlessly compromise the antenna's functionality.
Cross country HF APRS
The HF APRS network that resides in North America is on the high end of 30 meters. This band is open day and night.
$40 Arduino antenna analyzer
It is no surprise that hams will build an antenna analyzer from a DDS module and an Arduino instead of dropping a few hundred dollars on a commercial unit.
Skywave Linux
With global SDR access, shortwave listeners can access broadcast, utility, amateur radio, military, and other signals from almost anywhere in the world.
Skywave Linux
Tennessee QSO Party 2015
1800z Sunday, September 6 until 0300z Monday, September 7, 2015
Tennessee QSO Party
Noise canceling speaker hack
I have several Onkyo speakers from a retired surround sound system and a 100 watt 12 volt car audio amplifier and started to think on hacking this into something usable.
Prepared Ham

How to

Add OpenStreetMaps to Xastir
This tutorial will guide you how to install OSM maps into Xastir software.
S55MA Ham Blog


Portable radio operations
Using Morse Code to keep in touch with friends.
Wiltshire Man
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