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Slim Jim vs. traditional J-Pole, hefty FCC fine, Ubuntu for decoding NOAA s
Slim Jim vs. traditional J-Pole, hefty FCC fine, Ubuntu for decoding NOAA s
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 74 August 22nd, 2015

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$8,000 fine proposed for Ham causing interference, failing to identify
Ham volunteered to track down the interference he was causing.
Are Amateur Radio-based emergency communications still relevant?
From "we are the be all and end all of disaster communications planning" down to "hams who show up to emergency scenes should be arrested." So what's the answer?
Slim Jim vs. Traditional J-pole Antenna
Real measurements of a Slim Jim antenna and traditional j-pole antenna reveal the truth about their respective gain and pattern.
New, fast JT9 Meteor Scatter modes
Joe Taylor K1JT has published some information about the new 'Fast JT9' submodes for Meteor Scatter communication on 28 and 50 MHz.
Rufus Turner: Ham Radio's first African American Operator
Rufus was an engineer who developed the 1N34A germanium diode in the 1946.
First Tracksoar test flight
The Tracksoar APRS tracker is designed to be flown under anything capable of lifting 60 grams, including balloons, RC planes, quad copters, or anything else that flies.
Danish CubeSats head for ISS
The IARU have coordinated 437.250 MHz for the 1k2-9k6 bps beacon and 437.425 MHz for the GMSK beacon.
SkookumLogger contest logger for OS X
Supporting CW and SSB events on the six HF contest bands plus 6m, 4m, 2m, and 70cm.
CJU satellite antenna for HTs
A minimalist satellite system.

How to

Setting up Ubuntu for Decoding NOAA and Meteor M2 Sats
In this guide, I will attempt to make it easy to set up Ubuntu with GQRX, GNU Radio Companion, WxtoIMG, and Tools for decoding Meteor M2 Sats.

And finally...

One acorn too many
Woodpecker fills Antenna with Acorns.
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