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New IC-7300, FreeDV mobile, Wi-Fi motion detection, speaker placement, more
New IC-7300, FreeDV mobile, Wi-Fi motion detection, speaker placement, more
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 75 August 29th, 2015

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Icom reveals first SDR, IC-7300
During the Tokyo Ham Fair 2015, Icom revealed their first Software Defined Radio (SDR) HF transceiver, the IC-7300, sporting HF+6m+4m coverage, 100W, touchscreen TFT display and an internal antenna tuner.
(PDF) Pre-release information: IC-7300
Now, a serious spectrum scope is NOT a "privilege" of high-grade models.
Icom UK
Testing FreeDV mobile
One of my aims for using the SM1000 in the car was being able to really use it like a microphone. One cable, low clutter.
RF Head
Primary, Ion, and Polymer: a lithium battery primer
Lithium primary, lithium ion, lithium polymer... Want to know the differences between–and varied uses for–these diverse types of lithium batteries? You're not alone.
The SWLing Post
FCC fines Smart City $750K for blocking Wi-Fi
Company used Wi-Fi monitoring system to block mobile hotspots at convention centers.
Tracking Wi-Fi signals to passively see through walls
We used LabVIEW to design and iterate the advanced signal processing used to detect minute Doppler shifts in the acquired wireless signals to sense movement.
National Instruments
ARES supports 60,000 runners for Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta
Supporting the runners are some 5,000 volunteers, including more than 50 Amateur Radio operators.
Mac client for Flex Radio
dogparkSDR is the first native Mac client for the Flex Radio Systems Signature series SDR radios.
Mac Ham Radio

How to

Speaker placement
Sound, after all, is our core business and we want to be able to enjoy the fascinating soundstage of incoming TX audio at its very best.
Delta Alfa
Guide to improving club websites
There's a serious problem with the way Amateur Radio clubs present themselves online – Outdated, broken, poorly-designed and invisible websites do no favours for clubs, and more importantly, the hobby.
Essex Ham


Inside the world of pirate radio
Pirate radio is still going strong despite the rise of internet radio.
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