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Wire antennas in trees, Russian military in the Ham bands, more...
Wire antennas in trees, Russian military in the Ham bands, more...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 78 September 19th, 2015

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Why public service-oriented Hams should participate in contests
Radio contests are training that improves our abilities elsewhere in Amateur Radio.
Social Contest Club
FreeDV voice keyer and spotting demo
FreeDV has a low bit rate text message stream that allows you to send information such as your call-sign and location.
Wire antennas in trees
Choosing a wire antenna system is one thing. Finding somewhere to put it up is another. Particularly if you're short on supporting structures around the home environment.
Delta Alfa
Russian military in 7 and 14 MHz Ham Radio bands
The latest IARU Monitoring System newsletter reports Russian Military traffic in the amateur radio 7 and 14 MHz bands has increased.
Meet the preppers who are ready for the next massive solar storm
Another source emphasized the value of hunting down older, "tube type" communications gear. "Modern amateur radio gear is hugely susceptible to EMP."
FM/VHF operating guide
This guide is intended to assist new amateur radio operators in figuring out what VHF FM and repeater operation is all about.
Signal Identification Guide
This wiki is intended to help identify radio signals through example sounds and waterfall images.
Signal Identification Guide
1090 MHz bandpass filter from FlightAware is a website that aggregates ADS-B aircraft location data from various contributors.
Turn your current transceiver into an SDR
The MDSR software performs all of the demodulation, filtering (both radio frequency and audio frequency), signal enhancement (equalization and binaural presentation).
We need a better UHF connector
The venerable UHF connector was developed in the 1930's. The UHF connector suffers from two problems.


DMR TYT MD-380 programming tutorial
A guide aimed at people new to DMR, showing how to program an amateur repeater and a simplex channel.
Solar powered HF Ham Radio portable system
Zamp 40 watt Portable Solar Charging System ZS-40-P, 80-6 Meter-Alpha EZ-Military Antenna, ICOM-IC-718 HF-Ham Radio, LDG-IT-100-AutoTuner, and a 18AH-Werker-A­GM Battery.
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