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Issue 80 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 80 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 80 October 10th, 2015

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Alternative sites for Hamvention proposed
Fears about Hamvention leaving town because of Hara Arena's economic struggles has local officials scrambling to propose alternative sites.
Dayton Daily News
New FM repeater satellite launches (Fox-1A)
Fox-1A is a 1-Unit CubeSat carrying an FM repeater that will allow simple ground stations using an HT and an "Arrow" type antenna to make contacts.
Radio Amateurs on NASA TV
Radio amateurs Jerry Buxton, N0JY and Courtney Duncan, N5BF were on the panel at a NASA prelaunch briefing on Wednesday, October 7.
Heathkit appears to be back in business
This radio has a real air variable tuning capacitor. We have them custom-manufactured for us to our specifications, including its ball-bearing planetary reduction drive for smooth tuning.
Disney Emergency Amateur Radio Service
If you're visiting the Walt Disney World resort, we encourage you to make use of our repeaters.
Emergency preparedness and cross band repeat
One of the best forms of communications that hams have at their disposal when forced to operate from challenging locations in regards to accessing distant repeaters is "Cross Band Repeat."
Jerry's Journal
Operators in Rhode Island dialed into enemy conversations worldwide
The FCC turned loose a 40-member spy team of men and women to listen in on the world.
Providence Journal
Build your own satellite ground station
If you have access to a 3D printer you can now put together your own ground station for between $300 and $400.
Making contacts via Ham Radio enabled satellites
It's worth recording your session so that you can make sure you have copied your QSOs correctly.
Soliloquy Blog


Arduino based Morse Code tutor
I've recreated a Datong D70 Morse code tutor using an Arduino.
Introduction to radio repeaters
What a repeater does, and what parameters you need to be able to use one.
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