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Issue 83 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 83 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 83 October 31st, 2015

Top links

2015 Field Day results now available
The number of logs received appears to be an all-time ARRL Field Day record. This year saw 35,369 participants, down slightly from 2014.
UK to auction former Amateur Radio spectrum
Spectrum at 2.3 and 3.4 GHz that once was allocated to Amateur Radio is going on the auction block in the UK.
Where are the new Technicians coming from?
Invariably, we wonder "where are these new hams coming from?" and instituted a survey to try to find out.
Newly published interview with founder of 73, Byte Magazine
My interview with computer magazine publishing pioneer Wayne Green.
Modems for VHF digital voice
It would be nice to make some re-use of existing FM VHF radios. So is it possible to come up with a waveform that can pass through legacy FM radios, but also be optimally demodulated with a SDR?
Whitepaper on soldering aluminum
One of his most visible accomplishments can be easily seen if you live in the SF bay area; he developed the welding process for the steel/aluminum third rail on the BART system.
Life of Kenneth
How to build a low-tech internet
The low-tech alternatives result in much cheaper and very energy efficient networks that combine well with renewable power.
Low Tech Magazine

How to

A tutorial for launching your first balloon
There are a lot of reasons to put together a weather balloon launch. It's a great project for a STEM class, it requires planning, electronics and programming, and teamwork.


Ham Radio from a moving train
Tim Carter, W3ATB, and Jim Cluett, W1PID pair up to give a demonstration of DX Ham Radio from a moving train.
Base jumping from Radio Arcala
One midsummer weekend three lucky men received permission to use the antenna tower for something completely different.

And finally...

ARRL CEO position available
The League is accepting applications for the position of ARRL Chief Executive Officer. The deadline to submit an application is November 15.
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