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Issue 84 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 84 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 84 November 7th, 2015

Top links

How a group of neighbors created their own Internet service
Powered by radios in trees, homegrown network serves 50 houses on Orcas Island.
Ars Technica
Feds have plan in case we are hit with catastrophic solar flares
The White House bases contingency plan on the Carrington Event.
Digital Journal
DSTAR Parachute Mobile QSOs prove popular in Japan
Mark Meltzer, age 66, had an optimistic longshot QSO sked with hams in Japan hoping to work them on 28.425 KHz with a 5 watt SSB signal.
QSO with W0RW from Knox Mountain
Every day is a surprise.
FCC, Justice Department investigate covert Chinese radio network
The Federal Communications Commission and the Justice Department are investigating a California firm whose U.S. radio broadcasts are backed by a subsidiary of the Chinese government.
Secret radio stations by the numbers
There are actually several types of number stations, but the prototypical one is simply someone on the air reading lists of numbers.
Hack a Day
How good is the FT817's MH-31 stock standard microphone?
Others reported improved results by substituting an electret insert. It seemed too simple not to try.

How to

SDR reception of Digital Amateur TV from the ISS
How to receive DVB-S digital video transmissions from the International Space Station with a bit of hardware and a lot of software.


W1AW/6 Pacificon Special Event Station - All on one antenna
This video explains how they ran multiple stations using a single antenna. Watch and see how Rick engineered the radio system.
Why You Need Circulators in Repeaters
A discussion of circulators and a teardown of a 915 MHz circulator.
The Life of Kenneth
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