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Issue 89 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 89 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 89 December 12th, 2015

Top links releases iOS app for iPhone and iPad
This is the official iPhone and iPad application of, the favourite APRS web site of the Amateur Radio world.
Icom IC-7300 available in January, official price announced
Icom's IC-7300 is probably the most expected transceiver of 2016, given the fact that it's the first direct-sampling SDR from one of the "big three" manufacturers.
New IC-7300 videos from Icom
Ham discovers sat transmitting 46 years after being abandoned in 1967
G3YPQ noticed its peculiar signal drift caused by its tumbling end over end every 4 seconds as the solar panels became shadowed by the engine.
The Vintage News
QRP as Work/Life Balance
You'll often see me eating lunch at my desk. Those are the days when you likely won't see me later that afternoon.
Just another VHF SOTA contact
Dakota Hill is 10,929 feet and set back into the mountains, so I wasn't sure if I could make the RF trip over Palmer Divide.
Florida Ham agrees to penalty for failure to identify
K3TW will pay a monetary penalty In response to complaints that an unidentified station was transmitting on an Amateur Radio frequency at 14 MHz.
QSO Today: Howard Sherer, AE3T
If you wanted to operate two meter EME or "moon bounce," then your Elmer should be Howard Sherer, AE3T, who has made over 700 contacts with a modest station.
QSO Today
Trip down memory lane via vintage Radio Shack catalogs
Archived Radio Shack catalogs and sales flyers going back to 1939.
The SWLing Post
4-wheel-drive trip from one continent to the next
Not the ordinary DXpedition, but a unique merging of Amateur Radio and charity.
The story of space debris
20,000 pieces of tracked debris exist in orbit ranging in size from an apple to a bus.
The Royal Institution


Repeater Design Example: Bidirectional RICK Crossbander
Here's a simple design example and a walk-through of using an HP service monitor to set "repeater gain."
The Life of Kenneth
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