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30m beacon, find lost geese, listen in the browser, new Wouxun UV8D
30m beacon, find lost geese, listen in the browser, new Wouxun UV8D
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 9 May 10th, 2014

Top links

Experimental 30 meter mobile beacon
The first 30 meter mobile beacon will be on the air as it travels to the Dayton Hamvention. Listen for the beacon on 10.129MHz.
Amateur radio operators in Canada gain new 472-479kHz spectrum
Amateurs in Canada are now authorized to use the 472-479kHz band with the release of the new Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations by Industry Canada.
KickSat Sprite satellites may not deploy
Due to the main microcontroller being reset on the KickSat CubeSat, the tiny KickSat Sprites may not deploy before the KickSat loses orbit and falls back to earth.
Photographs from various high profile Dxpeditions available
Nodir Tursoon-Zadeh (EY8MM) has published several ebooks featuring rich photography from all corners of the earth taken while participating in high profile Dxpeditions.
FUNCube-1 AO-73 operating schedule
AO-73 transmits telemetry data for schools during the week while the satellite's SSB/CW transponder is active on weekends.
CQ-DATV Magazine for amateur television enthusiasts
CQ-DATV is a free digital publication containing a collection of articles on amateur television and related disciplines. A new issue is published roughly once a month.
Practical Amateur Radio Podcast
The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast (PARP) is a monthly podcast covering all aspects of amateur radio.
Amateur radio operators asked to help find lost geese
Geese equipped with radio beacons in France have been lost. The Puy du Fou is asking hams to listen for the birds on a series of VHF frequencies.

How to

Listen to the amateur radio bands using only your web browser
Using software defined radios, many hams have their rigs connected to the web and available for anyone to tune in and listen.
Sound library: Identify RFI emitting from computer equipment
The ARRL has a series of audio clips that feature recordings of RF interference from various pieces of computer equipment. Do you hear similar sounds in your shack?


Unboxing and first look of the new Wouxun UV8D HT
This new dual-band Wouxun HT features a color display and cross band repeat function along with many other features.
Portable 2m/70cm antenna for working satellites
Dave Tadlock (KG0ZZ) describes how he built his portable dual band 2 meter / 70 cm antenna for working the amateur satellites.
Zed Zed's Workbench

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