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Issue 92 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 92 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 92 January 2nd, 2016

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FreeDV 2016 road map
Release VHF FreeDV modes, one mode that runs through $60 HTs, another that outperforms closed source DV by 10dB.
Danger in calm seas
These three things present a clear and present danger to our continued growth and enjoyment of the radio hobby.
First Amateur Radio geosynchronous satellite to launch in 2017
"Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a new ham band will be available for the Americas."
CQ World Wide favor limiting operating time to less than 48 hours
Contesters want to see a time-limited category for single operators.
Bouncing radio off of airplanes
Amateur radio operators are always trying some new stunt or other. It's like they've got something to prove. Take Aircraft scatter for instance: the idea is to extend your radio's range by bouncing it directionally off of overhead airplanes.
Hack a Day
PWM and MPPT solar charge controller
The solar charge controller is arguably the most important component of a solar energy system.
Off Grid Ham
Signal direction finding with an RTL-SDR + Raspberry Pi
Direction finding system built out of a Raspberry Pi, an RTL-SDR and four antennas.
Airplane on 60m!
I almost cannot believe it happened. And how unique this contact was.

How to

How I learned Morse Code
They practiced the art of radiotelegraphy: where the contacts were easier to make, the operators were more skilled, and the signals were stronger. I wanted in.
Fine Business
Super simple APRS position reporter
My criteria has been a Raspberry Pi and an HT as the two major hardware components. No hardware TNCs and no custom cabling.


Building a new Ham shack
We are living in a rental house and we plan to build a new house. So, I need to setup a ham shack.
11kV lightning arrestor and exploding disconnecter
This is a lightning arrester from an 11kV power distribution line with an interesting feature to clear itself electrically when sustained current flows through it.
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