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Issue 93 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 93 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 93 January 9th, 2016

Top links

Ten Tec: 2016 and Beyond
Ten Tec's new owner outlines expectations going forward.
National Parks on the Air gets off to strong start
During the first three days of NPOTA, "Activators" were on the air from 78 of the 483 NPOTA Units.
So sad
If that's the definition of a "real Ham" then I'm not one, either.
Low noise yagis explained
If designed correctly, the Yagi will present an excellent SWR curve over a given operating range when directly fed.
Shortwave pirate radio 2015 – a year In review
As one might expect, Saturday and Sunday are the big winners, with Friday in third place.
30 Below
Time station CHU in The Empire Strikes Back
Here's the clip from The Empire Strikes Back, Battle of Hoth: listen at 25 seconds and at 40 seconds.
The SWLing Post
LED lights in the shack
If you have been wondering how much RFI LED lamps might be producing, you may find these findings of value.
File RFI complaints directly with FCC
The FCC has made it easier for hams to file their own RF interference and other complaints.

How to

Using the RFSpace Cloud-IQ with CuteSDR on the Raspberry Pi 2
I have been playing with CuteSDR on Linux and Mac and came to think, would this work on a Raspberry Pi?
Fixing the Ten-Tec Century/21 sidetone
The sidetone volume on the C21 is adjustable but the pitch is not.
Ham Radio QRP


Building a simplex repeater
I explain the concept of a simplex repeater and how to assemble one out of an Argent Data ADS-SR1 and a Motorola Maxtrac.
The Life of Kenneth
Listening to the International Space Station
I show how easy it is to listen to the ISS using nothing more than a handheld radio.
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