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Issue 96 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 96 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 96 January 30th, 2016

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ARRL January VHF Contest this weekend
Assuming Mother Nature cooperates, the January VHF Contest offers a welcome reprieve from what might be the long winter doldrums.
Teletext time travel
Recovering teletext from VHS recordings.
Net map tool
See location points on a map based on callsign.
VK5ARG FreeDV transmissions
The Amateur Radio Experimenters Group, under its club call sign VK5ARG, are conducting experimental retransmissions in FreeDV.
Capital City Hamfest to be webcast will be live at the Capital City Hamfest this weekend.
Militia radio frequencies
The militia-patriot movement in America has embraced radio communications in a big way.
RadioMaster Reports
AggieSat4 deployed with Amateur telemetry and CW payload
AggieSat4 was launched aboard the Orbital ATK Cygnus OA-4 cargo resupply mission.
Open letter to the 'Ham' in Thursday night's pile-up
Is this really the way we all should be behaving in the pile-ups? Does it ever work? It must, because you kept doing it.
Will CircuitCity be this generation's RadioShack?
Watch out, Best Buy. Circuit City is coming back this year, but it may look a little different.
Two portable oscilloscopes: shootout
To get an idea of what the signals ought to look like, I measured them both with my current favorite bench scope, a Rigol DS1104Z.
Hack A Day


How to operate FO-29 using a single Yaesu FT-817
How-to video describing and demonstrating the basic concept of working amateur radio satellite FO-29 semi-duplex using a single Yaesu FT-817 2m and 70cm.
Vacuum fluorescent tube clock
Manhattan style construction IV-18 Tube Clock based on the MSP430G2553 microcontroller.
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