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Issue 97 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 97 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 97 February 6th, 2016

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Winter Field Day is better than ever
290 QSOs, 40 states, plus Canada and Puerto Rico contacted, several DX entities. Winter Field Day's 2016 effort was the best ever for our club, and most of us only operated for about five hours.
Top 10 reasons to take Ham Radio portable
Add massive noise levels across the HF bands and RFI to neighbours when I operate above the 20m band and then you have all the reasons I started taking my rig into the great outdoors.
M0JCQ's Ham Blog
Hidden Antennas for HOA restrictions?
I have a confession to make... I live in a HOA! I know most hams say what the hell did you do that for, you knew you could not put up a 60 foot tower. Turn in your FCC license...
Prepared Ham
Radio astronomy with an RTL-SDR
Jupiter and its satellites like Io sometimes interact to create "radio storms" which can be heard from earth at frequencies between 3 to 30 MHz.
Decoding Russian Meteor-M2 WX satellite images
Meteor-M N2 transmits images using the digital LRPT protocol at around 137.1 MHz.
New bonus points announced for Field Day 2016
This year's Field Day introduces two new ways to score bonus points — Social Media and Safety Officer.
A Ham's revenge for loud neighbors
With a car mount antenna pointed directly at the neighbor's stereo, Kevin could transmit on a specific, obscure frequency and silence the speakers.
Hack A Day
No better time to promote the hobby?
If you're not involved with promoting the hobby – no need to read on.
Essex Ham
Ham TV operators go high definition
Hams have been experimenting with television since the 1920s, and as a group are acutely aware of technological developments in this area.
Profiles in QRP: Ann K1QO
"I've always been impressed with what low power, CW, and simple wire antennas can do."


Microwave transceiver teardown
Having no immediate use for it, and with a premium on storage space in my life these days, I figured I'd tear it apart and see how it works.
The Life of Kenneth
JT9 QSO example
Jeff McGrath
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