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Issue 99 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 99 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 99 February 21st, 2016

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Why modern Makers are bringing back Ham Radio
Some Maker spaces now offer ham radio activities. A few, like HacDC, have their own radio shacks and experimental equipment and offer ham radio license classes.
Yahoo! Tech
First impressions of the Icom IC-7300 HF + 6M transceiver
We did not use the transmit functions on the radio, but were able to test out the receiver at my campsite with a Budipole antenna on 40 meters.
Vanderbilt CubeSat data collected by ham radio operators worldwide
Building a program of reliable CubeSats; doing real science at a fraction of the cost.
Vanderbilt University
Listening to 10 meter radio beacons
Radio beacons can be found across the RF spectrum from the LF (low frequency) band all the way up to bands inhabited by satellite signals.
The SWLing Post
New distance record on AO-7
We both agreed to simply repeat your call / my call / grid / report rapidly, much in the same way a digital or contest contact is made. At 2009UTC, both stations cleanly heard the others call and grid.
Amateur Radio Parity Act... Amendments?
There was one Committee member, Rep. Anna Eschoo from California, who has been wary of, if not opposed to the bill, based on lobbying she's received from an association of HOAs.
Review – BTech UV2501+220 (Tri-Band)
BTech has introduced a low profile Tri-Band Mobile Transceiver to the ham radio marketplace.
Ham Radio Blog PD0AC
HamSphere: Virtual Ham Radio
Talk to Amateur Radio operators all over the world. No extra hardware needed.
Tiny USB Morse Code Beacon
The design for the board is available with single-sided artwork suitable for production using simple methods like toner transfer.
Hack A Day


Getting started with digital modes
This comprehensive video explains the concept behind amateur radio digital modes and describes the hardware and cabling required to get started.
QRP School
UHF RICK Repeater with Auto ID and Teardown
I had previously mentioned that the RICK doesn't meet FCC requirements on its own due to its lack of automatic identification. What it does have is an accessory port where you can plug in some other device which can generate the ID for you.
The Life of Kenneth
Radio Free Europe (1964)
This film gives an overview of Radio Free Europe's news-gathering and audience research, its production center in Munich, and its transmission operations in Germany and Portugal.
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