Issue 313 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 313 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 313 December 30th, 2023
Another year of Ham Radio is in the books! Before turning our sights toward 2024, let's take one last look back at 2023 through the lens of everyone's favorite metric: Email engagement. The following are the top ten most clicked links measured across every issue of Amateur Radio Weekly in 2023. Happy New Year!
73 K4HCK
P.S. Take a look at the top links from years past: 2022, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015

Top links of 2023

10. Practical Antennas
Based on 50+ years of building and experimenting.
9. Ham Radio tunes in to a new generation
Ham Radio appears to be making a comeback.
The Times
8. A strange but proven antenna
The VP2E has earned a place of honor in my antenna box.
Ham Radio Outside the Box
7. $30 Lowes antenna
You can still put together a decent all-band antenna on a budget.
6. Revision of the RST standard for signal reporting
Technology has developed a situation where the time has come for a revision.
Amateur Radio Daily
5. RFNM: A next generation SDR with 10 MHz to 7200 MHz tuning range
Up to 612 MHz of real time bandwidth for receiving and two DACs with up to 153 MHz of TX bandwidth.
4. A 200ft wire antenna up zero feet
How does it perform?
Ham Radio Outside the Box
3. It's finally dead!
Yaesu FT-818 discontinued.
2. Amateur Radio License Map
Use this map to find Amateur Radio license holders in the USA.
1. HamClock
A kiosk-style application that provides real-time space weather, radio propagation models, operating events, and other information particularly useful to the Radio Amateur.

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